Clash Of Nulls Private Server APK 11.866.17 (Nulls Clash)

Game Name Null’s Clash
Game Version 11.866.17
Developer Nulls
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Google Play Link Original Source

Mod Features

This content is not by Supercell, Supercell are not responsible for these private servers.

Clash Of Nulls AKA Null’s Clash Review

Clash of Nulls is by far one of the most popular coc private server that is out there, and the most stable and up to date server, it has been developed by Nulls team and are popular for releasing many private servers for supercell games, a server for rush wars is also soon to be released.

Nulls Clash has many features, their game is hosted on many servers around the world giving you the best experience, you can play online with other players who are on the same server, it is estimated to have more than 5000 players playing at a time on Null’s Clash. There are also plenty of custom made buildings and troop, they also add any limited-time building, decorations to the game.

You can make use of the commands that I have listed below to speed up your base progress, use the attack your own base command to try out different strategies, or record YouTube videos with your biggest army.

The game works well in both villages, the builder hall village battles are also online with real players. You can even join clans and take part in clan wars, or create your own and start a war. This is by far the best clash of clans server that you can play on and has a large number of active players as well. The global chat also works pretty well.

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Usage: Type them in global chat

  1. / full  – Maximum level to your buildings in both villages
  2. / th <Level> – Upgrade your Townhall to a specific level that you want, <level> enter level name there
  3. / clean – Reset your whole account, does not affect VIP members
  4. / asp – Attack your own base
  5. / status – Server status and info
  6. / vk – Find out which account is linked to which VK page
  7. / cct – Delete all troops and spells
  8. / sethero <Name> <Level> – Set your hero’s level to the one you want, it will not work if you do not have that hero
  9. / crazyskins – Awesome skins for your heroes

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