DEAD TRIGGER 2 1.6.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo | God Mode)

DEAD TRIGGER 2 1.6.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo | God Mode)

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Game Version 1.6.3
Developer MADFINGER Games
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Google Play Link Original Source

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  • Unlimited Ammo
  • God mode
  • no overheat
  • many more




Hello, Gamers! Are you really looking for an action-packed thrilling game that will take you through the Virtual World without even wearing the 3D Glasses! Yes, it’s possible and the name of this amazing game is Dead Trigger 2.

I am personally addicted to Mobile Gaming, however, when I started playing the Dead Trigger 2 MOD, I can’t even move for hours as its exciting and super thrilling as you keep on progressing the Levels. Let’s see what is there so special in this Game.

Developer Madfinger Games developed its sequel of Dead Trigger, which was launched in 2012 and released Dead Trigger 2 in 2013 to set a new standard in terms of Graphics and Zombie shooting experience to the players.

The game was made available free at the Play Store and Apple Store. The developer further announced that the game has achieved a milestone of 100 million downloads with over 2.7 million 5 star ratings and reviews both at Google Play Store and Apple Store, as it has something to offer to the mobile gamers experiencing for the first time – the phenomenal graphics quality, sound, and easy controls.

This game is recently made available on the Windows Phone as well. Over the years since its launch, the game made its way to achieve the 2013 Google Play Store Best Game Award and in iOS, the category won the best arcade game award.

I must say that Dead Trigger 2 made a significant impact on the Virtual Zombie world, as it has approximately 600 gameplay scenarios, Missions, and in-game events announced weekly. It is so popular and addictive that even after five years of its release; players can’t move their eyes away from the game, as it’s so much addictive.



As you stepped into the game, you are on a mission and you meet several survivors one by one as well as the Zombies. The game progresses with missions that get unlocked and weapons get upgraded, with the different types of mission types – story base or quick play.

The amazing part of the gaming experience is the Players controls the movement of the character like in PC and gives a free movement.

Another interesting feature in this game is that there is no shoot button; rather a special system was added where the left side of the screen is used to move around and the right side is used to look around.

There is an auto-fire function installed which works immediately when the pointer is placed over an enemy, the Player will fire automatically, this feature is just mind-blowing.

The game is fully responsive and is a first-person shooter survival game. There is an advanced control scheme similar to the version one, Dead Trigger, where on pressing a button to fire, an additional button lets the player aim down the weapon’s sights for increased accuracy.

Gameplay typically revolves around completing objectives while killing zombies (occasionally killing zombies is the only objective). The missions will get unlocked one by one and the health meter of the player will be reloaded at the beginning of each mission.

Health is lost the moment a player is hit by any Zombies or any other radiation, so one needs to play very carefully and concentrate. There are ways to boost health by taking pills or health booster while the game goes on.

So, get ready to shoot zombies and hit in the head, however, try to survive as there are surprise attacks. Scavenging for ammunition while collecting currency via every action you perform keeps the gameplay interesting as I always found myself running out of ammunition, forcing my old trusty wrench to make an appearance or running away.

The game is intelligently designed in such a way that the enemies or Zombies are classified into standard and special zombies. If you come across Zombies trying to attack you with their arms at a slow pace, you are in front of a Standard Zombie.

You will also face Zombies with a special appearance and deadly look, very hard to kill (Obviously you can kill them with more health or cash), You are in front of Special Zombies. The player always carries health pills, exploding chickens, grenades, two primary weapons and a melee weapon to fight, isn’t it cool!

The game does have a second currency which you can buy using real money, however, Dead Trigger 2 does exceptionally well not to bother you with or advertise real-money purchases as well as giving you the option to unlock it all with in-game currency or earn paid currency through a wide variety of actions, such as watching a specific video or downloading another free game, if you can manage to take your eyes off this beautiful game.

Graphics, Effects

Dead Trigger 2 APK MOD boasts the best graphics I have seen in mobile gaming without suffering from frame rate issues even on my old phone and when downloaded and played on Samsung Note 8 and iPhone 8+, the effect and feeling can’t be expressed with words.

The amazing part of the game is that its graphics play smoothly even on low-end mobiles giving the player wonderful lighting effects, gore-filled zombie deaths, detailed environments and fluid animations that bring the undead to life, creating an amazing atmosphere that a player can get sucked into.

Throughout the first few hours of gameplay, I could not help but feel amazed at the graphical quality providing a phenomenal gaming experience and the sudden appearance of few Zombies gave me a fright, this is altogether a different experience I never had before playing any other mobile game, except Dead Trigger 2.

The sound quality is just exceptional as background noises, gunfire and the growling sound of zombies work in tandem with the graphics to create an immersive gaming experience one would generally expect from a high budget console or PC game.

Unfortunately, the sound does tend to disappear from time to time, a bug that I trust the developers will fix in due time as this was the only real issue I could find in my time with the game.


Dead Trigger 2 lives up to its predecessor while improving on all elements as it delivers a great campaign mode, even higher quality graphics, and varied gameplay through side missions and special zombies.

The game has the most responsive and well thought out controls I have experienced in an FPS on a mobile device, which is an all-important feature for the FPS genre for me.

So, Gamers, Dead Trigger 2 is highly recommended as this the best FPS game I ever played on a mobile device, trust me!

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