FaceApp – AI Face Editor 3.5.1 MOD APK (PRO UNLOCKED FREE)

App Name FaceApp
App Version 3.5.1
Developer FaceApp Inc
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Google Play Link Original Source

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FaceApp – AI Face Editor Review

FaceApp is one of the mos hyped photo editing tool for both Android and IOS, The application was built by a group of a Russian company called Wireless Lab a few years back but took off this year after some few viral posts that happened on social media. The CEO of the app is called Yaroslav Goncharov.

The app has countless tools, filters, and effects that you can use. One of the most popular being the aging effects which will show you how you will look when you get old. Other than that, there are many other effects like changing your face to a girl’s, adding moustache or beard, wearing glasses, and many others.

Some of the effects are free and some are paid, it also includes brush tools, color correction, curves, simple adjustment tools, etc.

Can FaceApp be Trusted?

Many users are a privacy freak and after the application got viral, it raised many red flags and rumors that the app was collecting our personal data without our consent. However, the developer denied all the misconceptions and rumors saying that the application does not collect any personal data because 99 percent of the users do not log in, in the app so there was no way for them collect any data nor share/sell it with third parties.

Does FaceApp Store Your Photos?

According to an article that was published by Cnet, the developers of Faceapp had confirmed that they do not upload your photos to their server in any way, they cleared that out and said that the AI that was built in the application is what does all the magic of making you look old, adding beard, glasses and other effects on your photos.

How To Use FaceApp?

Using Faceapp is as simple as using any other photo editing tool, in fact, FaceApp is much easier to use since you do not have to do anything, the app will do all the job for you. All you have to do is select the PLUS sign and choose the photo that you want to edit, then find the filters and effects that you would like to use on your photo and apply it. FaceApp will then do its magic and show you the result, then it’s up to you whether you want to try another effect or save your photo to your gallery or share it with your friends.

How Many Years Does FaceApp Add?

This question has been going on many people’s mind who has been using FaceApp, actually there is no any accurate answer to this because it really depends on how old you are at the moment, but if I had to guess then it would be adding around 50 years, so if you are around 20 it will show you how you will look at the age of 70.

Is FaceApp Free?

Yes, FaceApp is completely free to use but there are some effects and filters that require you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription depending on your budget, it then unlocks everything in the App. I have mentioned the price in the question below.

How Much FaceApp Pro Cost?

The pro version of the application costs around $3.99 per month, if you want to pay Yearly then it will be more ofcourse. Pro unlocks all features and removes the Ads. There is also a lifetime subscription that costs around $19.99

How Does FaceApp Work?

I am sure all of you who have used Faceapp will have thought about this question. The app mostly uses artificial intelligence to determine your face app and add the old features to it, just like how you would manually edit your pictures to add lose skins on your face app, dark circles, white beard, and other features to make you look old. Now, this app does everything for you automatically with accuracy, it will see read your face and apply to effect accordingly.


FaceApp is a revolutionary app that got huge attention and went viral overnight. The app has many features and cool effects that can blow your mind after it renders your picture. The app was released a few years back but only got the hype this year after a few of the celebrities posted their aging pic using this app. I would say this is the next generation photo editing application for both Android and IOS if this is how it is 2019 just imagine the photo editors after 10 years and what will be their capabilities.


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