Nulls Royale Private Server APK 3.1.0 (Unlimited Gems | Premium)

Game Name Nulls Royale
Game Version 3.1.0
Developer Nulls
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Google Play Link Original Source

Mod Features

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Null’s Royale Private Server Review

Nulls Royale is a clash royale private server by Nulls Team, this is by far the best server you will find on the internet for CR, and has the most active players. Nulls have developed a server for Nulls Clash and Nulls Brawl, you can click on the link to go to that post.

The game has all the features from the original clash royale, and on top of that it gives you unlimited gems and unlimited gold to spend, you also get early access to all the cards which will be added to original clash royale, as well as some custom,  made cards by Nulls themselves. You can install this server with the original game, your account will not be banned because this is not related to Supercell.

Online battles work just fine, clan wars also work fine as well as 2vs2 battles. You can play with any card that you want, and open as many chests as you want. You can upgrade all your cards to the MAX level with a command if you are a premium player. I have listed the commands that are available in the game below the download link.

The are many more features, and the game gets updated frequently. The game has been hosted on VPS which allows many players to join at a time, the game has around 5000+ players at a given time making it the most popular server.

Sometimes you may get a connection error if the server gets overloaded with players but just try again after a few minutes and you should be able to get in.

Download APK MOD


Usage: Type them in the chat

  1. / clean – delete all cards, clan, and trophies will not be affected
  2. / skin <Skin> – Change the skin of your towers = Available skins: Gold (gold), Gem (heme), Pump (elixir collector), Xmas (New Year), Default (standard).
  3. / vk – info about your VK page and where it is linked
  4. / status – Server status and info
  5. / full  MAX level all your cards. (only for premium players)
  6. / unlock  Unlock all cards. (only for premium players)

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