RFS – Real Flight Simulator 0.9.0 APK (FULL FREE)

RFS – Real Flight Simulator 0.9.0 APK (FULL FREE)

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Game Name RFS – Real Flight Simulator
Game Version 0.9.0
Developer RORTOS
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Google Play Link Original Source

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RFS – Real Flight Simulator Review

RFS - Real Flight Simulator pro apk

RFS – Real Flight Simulator Pro Apk is a new and one of the most advanced flight simulation game for Android devices, it is developed and published by RORTOS. The game offers very realistic controls, features, and more which we will be talking about below.

Feel like a real pilot in his new flight simulator where you can fly over 100 airplanes in the game, do all around the world. All the airports around the world are unlocked and you can fly to them. You can set the point from where you want to take off anywhere you want to land and the flight time will be really like it would be in the real-time however you can speed things up from the options menu.

The controls of the game are very realistic and sound effects are also very good, you can choose from where you want to take off right from the runaway or you can set it to be from the gateway from where you will start of the engines and proceed to the runway.

The free version is limited to three airplanes and couple of airports while the pro version will unlock all the airplanes and extra features like the life flight simulation where you can see all the live flights around the world and choose which one you want to fly and get on it directly to fly and land it.

There are all kinds of airplanes in the game at 3 at going all kinds of Boeing’s Etihad, Emirates, KLM, Air France, Air India, and many more all available to fly.

There are more than 40000 flights in the air at the moment you are reading this you will be able to fly all of them in the pro version and get the live statistic to the airport and live traffic of the airport. The weather will also be realistic in the actual weather where you’re flying for example if you are flying in London then if it’s raining in London right now then it’s going to be raining in the game however you can change it and said hello to your liking.

There are many more features in the game that you will explore while playing the game you will have a lot of fun if you love playing flight simulation games.

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