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Spotify: Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs Review

Spotify is a music streaming service that has been around for more than 10 years and it is the number 1 music streaming service with more than 150 million subscribers and around 70 million paid subscribers.

The main advantage of Spotify is its catalog which has more than 30 million songs so there is a high probability that you will find your dream song in the Spotify music catalog. We reviewed the android application of Spotify and we tested its different functions. Make sure to read our full review which will tell you everything you need to know about the application.

User Interface

Spotify mobile application interface has gone through the immense changes over the years and now its have one of the best User interfaces. The learning curve is not very steep and one can learn the basic features within minutes which is a big plus.

The user interface is simple yet very effective, we have a menu on the left which shows the different features when we click it. In the main menu, we find the sub-menu containing Moments, Running, Music, shows and Your Library.

Free vs. Premium Versions

Spotify offers two versions to its customers: Free and Premium. The Free version is the limited version that allows you to listen to the songs of your choice but you will be watching advertisements between the songs. Moreover, the features you get in the free version are also limited. You will also need the internet connection to listen to your favorite songs as the offline mode is not available in free versions.

Premium version of Spotify comes with tons of amazing features for just $9.99 per month and it is available in 60 countries around the world.

The paid version allows you to play the song of your own choice anywhere and you can also get the music of your own choice on-demand.

Premium also allows you to create and maintain your own playlists and library which is missing in the free version.

Premium version is also Ads-free which means you will get the uninterrupted access to your favorite songs.

Spotify also offers the family plan which allows you to extend your subscription to your family members for just $5 per person. Each family member gets his own account and perks of premium subscription.

Streaming Quality

As Spotify is a premium service, it’s sound quality is great and unmatchable. With a reliable internet connection, you can get high-quality streaming with the option to increase the streaming speed and download bit rate.

You get the three options Normal (96 Kbps), High (160 Kbps) and Extreme (320 Kbps).  Normal and High options are available to all subscribers but the Extreme feature is limited to the premium users only. With increasing the bitrate you can get high-quality audio which makes the music listening experience better.

Finding Music

Spotify has one of the largest music catalogs in the world with more than 30 million-plus songs. It is not an easy job to find the music of your own choice from the pool of 30 million songs unless you exactly know the name of the song., so Spotify application has multiple ways to find the music of your own choice.

In the application, you have the built-in search feature which allows you in finding the music of your own choice, you also have the option to find the music according to the album, artist, show, and playlist.

Spotify application also has the song suggestions feature which shows the music according to your choice.

Spotify Radio

Spotify Radio is one of the iconic features of Spotify which allows you to hear the endless music stream of your own choice. You can pick the genre of your own choice and Spotify application will play the songs from the genre. For example, if you pick up the classic genre, the app will top classic hits songs of all time.


Running is another nifty feature that can help in your exercise. In this feature, the application detects the motion sensors in your phone to detect the running and it automatically plays the song matching your pace.

Running feature is very helpful and it picks the songs accordingly which keeps you motivated and energized while running. For people, who like to run, this feature is pretty awesome.


Spotify application also includes the Shows tab which includes the latest podcasts and videos. In the shows tab, you will find the podcasts covering a wide variety of topics including the real-life issues which can help you keep motivated. This section also includes videos of famous TV shows.

Offline Mode

Premium users also get the offline mode which can be very helpful if you don’t have 24/7 access to the internet. Using this feature you can download an unlimited number of songs to your device which you can listen even when you are not connected to the internet.


  • Access to more than 30 million-plus songs
  • Unlimited streaming music
  • Useful modes including running mode, shows, and offline mode.
  • Spotify Radio


  • The radio feature is not available for European users.
  • A free account comes with limited features


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world and they offer premium features for the very nominal price. With more than 30 million songs, you can easily get the music of your own choice.

Although the premium feature is the most suitable option but the free version is also not bad. If you have unrestricted access to the internet then the free version will also work.

Overall, Spotify’s mobile application is snappy and Spotify service is up to the mark. We hope that you will find this review useful and let us know what you think about Spotify in the comment section below.

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