TerraGenesis 5.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Genesis Points & Credits)

TerraGenesis 5.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Genesis Points & Credits)

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Game Name TerraGenesis
Game Version 5.1.6
Developer Tilting Point
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Google Play Link Original Source

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Terragenesis – Space Colony Review

terragenesis mod apk

Space, its exploration, colonization, and terraforming, Terragenesis has everything you need in a world-building game of the science fiction genre. The game is available for free on the Google Play store with over 1 million downloads. It is classified as a simulation game and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. It is a worthwhile work of art from the developers known as Tilting Point.

Terragenesis’s story goes after some devastating event referred to as “The Sundering” which makes the Earth inhospitable.

Humans now need to expand to other planets if they want to ensure the survival of their species and secure their future. In order to make those planets habitable, they have to rely on a massive scale process called terraforming.

For those who are unfamiliar, terraforming means making the target planet habitable by altering its environment or system. The word itself originated from two base words, “terra” which is Latin for Earth and “form” which is English.

Terraforming the System

terragenesis mod apk

There are a lot of celestial bodies you can expand to and terraform in order to facilitate your colonies. Terragenesis has five such bodies of our system available for free but there are others that you can obtain via a purchase.

These include the six dwarf planets of our system, the five moons of Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and the major moon of Neptune. There are also five fictional planets that show off the limits of the gameplay, a six-planet campaign story from another system known as Trappist-1 and lastly a random planet generator to make any world you like.

After you are done selecting a location, it is time to dive into the many elements you need to harvest, reduce and monitor. Terragenesis has five separate tabs for the things you need to work on in order to achieve habitable conditions and even these have sub-elements to consider.

Examples of these projects are researching technology, colonization to control the population and culture to determine the rule. You have to dive deep into the game and manage resources effectively.

People, Factions, and Governance

Terragenesis APK MOD has four factions to choose from with their own unique agenda. Each faction is different in their desires, priorities, has a distinguished but familiar governing style and various initial bonuses.

The factions include the Daughters of Gaia that strive to convert a planet into a paradise, Sons of Hephaestus that believe in sharing resources and ventures, the United Nations Space Administration being the last bastion of human unity and the Horizon Corporation that values profit above all.


– The thing about Terragenesis is that it is extremely detailed for a mobile game. The developers have struck a good balance in squeezing as much real science as they could while not making the game too boring. This is a very important thing to consider in a simulator.

– Another thing worth mentioning is “The Archive” tab on the main menu of the game. It is a good gesture by the developers to put in their inspiration, the science of the game and the real-life concepts of terraforming. People who are genuinely interested will appreciate that and it is also educational for those who are new to the world of astronomy.

– There are also unlikely events or anomalies occurring during your playthrough that force you to make a choice. Sometimes it can be relatively fun and casual but sometimes it can be really grim and questionable. Would you ask your people to resort to cannibalism if you are low on biomass?


–  The UI of this game is pretty painful to use. The icons are too small for your thumb, are sometimes not available and most of the time overlap, you click a lot of stuff you don’t mean to. The game could use some improvements in the navigation of the menus.

–  There is also not much visual detailing in the game.  You can see the clouds forming on Mars with your progress but there is no visual representation for the factions, colonies or outposts. The game would become very appealing if it had those mechanical and futuristic structures for people to behold.


It is a preferable game to people who want to pass the time or are just straight up trophy hunters. The game does require you to put your thinking caps though.

You don’t want to lose everything in your colonies because of a lack of resources all of a sudden just because you miscalculated. Terragenesis is quite informative does a good job of giving us an “ambiguous” picture of the possible future.

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