World War Doh 0.19.14 MOD APK (Unlimited Damage)

Game Name World War Doh
Game Version 0.19.14
Developer Jam City, Inc.
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Google Play Link Original Source

Mod Features

World War Doh: Real-Time PvP Review

World War Doh is an upcoming game by Jamcity who has been popular for the game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, Vineyard Valley, and many others. In the game, you will build your army by creating a good deck of cards.

Each card in the game will be unique and will have its own abilities, Some cards attack air troops while some attack ground troops. So you have to mix them up in your deck to create the best deck possible. Each card also has a different DOH cost, DOH is the essential element which you will use in the battle to spawn cards.

It gets generated as you play, and sometimes you may find it drop from the sky which you can order your main king to collect to earn that amount instantly.


World War Doh: Real Time PvP apk mod

The battles in the game are all in real-time, apart from that you will be able to join events and tournaments to compete with other players, the winner will earn rare chests and cards which are very useful since they are hard to earn.

The battle system works based on the trophies that you will earn, upon winning games you will earn trophies while on losing you will lose. Your trophy count will also determine how you will be ranked on the global leaderboard table.

There are more than 30 cards in the game, each come in different rarities and ofcourse the common ones is easier to get from chests or buying them directly from the store. You can also buy chests from the store with Gems, bought chests are opened instantly.

Gems and Coins are the main currency in the game, it will be used for speeding up chests, upgrading cards and buying other things from the store.


The gameplay is very simple, having a good strategy in the game with good DOH management will be the key to winning any game. You can change your strategies while in the game, and unleash different combos to take down your enemies.

Spy on your enemies to know their secrets and then use them against them, the game is unique and may seem different from any other card game in the market. Use emojis to annoy your opponents when you are winning.


The game is in BETA and is not yet officially release, so we expect more updates with new features and better performance, so far the game works very well with no lags. You can enjoy it right now the MOD version of it, do not abuse the MOD or else you may get banned.

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