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Today i will share with you guys the famous Clash Of Clans private server Android game that you can play on which it has unlimited everything.

Before we get started i need to mention some few things that this game is hosted on a private server and due to many users trying to access it at once it can overload the server resulting it crash or go down so many times you will find yourself not being able to log in or play the game ,it’s not because it’s fake or doesn’t work it’s because the issues are with the server as i said this game is hosted on a private server and not official server and it can never be stable.



If you load the game and get a connection error that means the server is probably down because of high volume of requests at the same time but the developers are always working hard to make it better.

And one thing that i noticed is that this game loads and works flawlessly after 11:00 PM local east africa time  (which is my time) so that means now depending on your time zone you need to calculate at what time it will work the best. I found the server to respond well at those times.

Don’t expect this mode to work forever but i will try an update the link if a newer version comes out and also don’t expect this game to work at first go ,it never will you need to keep patience and keep trying until you can finally log in to their server and play the game and don’t worry your game will be saved and you will be able to play with other players within the server.


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games of all times and also a very addicting game but sometimes we just want more.

Over here the game Clash of Clans is hosted on a private server which gives us everything unlimited so we can explore the full potential of the game and see how each troop is and what powers it has and how they perform in battles and how much resources do you require further in the game to upgrade your buildings and troops ,so this is my main purpose when using the private server of clash of clans otherwise it is not possible to modify their official server.


Please note that you wont be able to play against your friends who use the official clash of clans as i said this both would be on different servers so you can’t play against players who use the official server.

I only use this version of clash of clans to see how everything is going to get further in the game and i am expecting you will be using it for the same purpose and nothing else because i mean you can’t change your official clash of clans game anyway ,this is just a fun game which has everything unlimited to test each and every troop and battle and figure out the best troops to take in battle etc.


Installation Process.

1:Download APK from the link provided below

2:Install it and you are DONE!

Keep patience and try until it works because it does work 100% ,it’s just very unstable.

Outdated server - check the latest one 

As you can see these are the screenshot that i took from my phone.If you have any questions then please comment below and i will try and help you solve it.

As i said earlier it will take time to work so if you are a lazy person and expect it to work on the first go then you will be disappointed as it will never work on the first go.You gotta need to try until it works.

I hope you enjoyed my post,if you have any questions or suggestions,please contact me and i will get back to you  within 24 hours.Thank you.


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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