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Clash Of Clans Private Server 9.24.16 By PlenixClash APK



Just a quick heads up i wanted to give you guys on the new release by PlenixClash which is the Clash Of Clans Private Server based on the version 9.24.16 builder base.

It has been a long time but they seem to have rolled out the builder base version for both IOS and Android devices but getting this to work for IOS is hard as you need to change your DNS settings.

There are instructions on how to make it work on IOS devices on their website. You can visit



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About This Private Server

This private server has recently just come out however i noticed a few bugs on the builder base where your troops disappear when going to battle. You won’t be able to battle with someone else on builder base but you will be able to battle with yourself, so you will attack your own base.

This is fantastic to test different defensive buildings and different troops and see how powerful they are.

You will ofcourse have unlimited resources and you will also be able to play in the Town Hall, you can travel to Town Hall then back to builder base whenever you want.

Also in Town Hall you will have 100k troops capacity for any troop which is pretty epic in my opinion as you don’t even need to build more army camps, you can fit all those 100k troops in one army camp.



1: Download Plenix Clash from the link provided below.

2: Install And ENJOOOYYYY!


DOWNLOAD Clash Of Clans Private Server 9.24.16 



Let me walk you through some of the troubleshooting method

So what do you have to do when you run into errors, the solution is simple just try again later. Whenever you run into connection issues and errors then simply close the app and try again later.

Because the problem is always on the other end and clearing data most of the time does not work. So all you can do is just wait and try again later. Trying to clear this and that does not work you will just lose your saved game.



I hope you liked this private server by PlenixClash, i hope there will be new updates from them anytime soon. The best feature that i found on this private server is the 100k troops capacity which is brilliant.

Let me know your thoughts on this private server in the comments section below.


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