Clash Royale Private Server By Golemland APK

We all know Golemland has their own Clash Of Clans private server but recently like a week ago they released their Clash Royale private server that is still in beta stage.





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About Golemland Private Server

Golemland server comes with unlimited gems and coins so that you can open as many magical chests as you want. None of the cards will be unlocked apart from the default ones so you will need to open chests to get them.

Clash Royale private servers do not really have any more features apart from the regular ones unlike Clash Of Clans where you can have many mods.

You can still join or create groups and talk with others players in the game and as well as battle with other players in real time who play on the same server as you.

The server is still in beta stage so please don’t expect the server to run silky smooth.



1) Download the APK from the link below

2) Install it and enjoy


Download Golemland Royale APK



As i said earlier the server is still in beta stage so please expect some bugs. You will receive connection errors or login errors when you try to run the game.

If that happens just close the app and try again after 15 or 20 minutes. The reason you receive connection errors is because too many players try to access the server at the same time making the server slow because it cannot handle more players.

Other than that if you receive any other errors then please post them on our forum




Golemland clash royale private server is made by Juro Clash you can check out his channel on YouTube. There are other private servers that i will be posting here so stay tuned for that.

Also there is an upcoming clash royale private server by clash of magic that will be releasing soon which i am very excited about.



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