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Clash Royale Private Server With Water Arena APK

I am sure you are excited to try out this private server after you saw the featured image and the title. So was i when i first got to play on this private server as it was awesome, All thanks to mythical cell for making this.





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About This Private Server

You will love playing on this private server for many of the features that it has. First of all this server does not have any unlimited gems or coins and completely like the real Clash Royale but with the modded arena and custom made cards.

You will start off from the tutorial and make your way up. Everything will start from the beginning and you will play against other real players who will be on the same server as you.

That is how you are going to level up your trophies to unlock new arenas and custom cards.

This Clash Royale private server will give you many challenges as there are no any unlimited gems or coins. Also this private server has 2v2 battles so you can join battling in the arena with your friends or stranger and once you are at level 8, you can unlock tournaments.

I am sure you will enjoy playing on this Clash Royale Private Server.



1) Download the APK from the link below

2) Install and enjoy


The server has been outdated and no longer, i will update the link once a newer version comes out.. i highly recommend you check out other servers on my blog

Download Sardar Royale Private Server (Mythicalcell)


These are private server so please don’t expect them to run smoothly 24/7 because they won’t. The server however did not give me any problems when i first launched and played on it. Everything was working perfectly fine.

But as many players join the server may lag and give you connection errors, if it does all you have to is simply close the app and try again after a while. Maybe 15 or 20 minutes later.

This happens because the server cannot handle the heavy load of players as a result it fails to load. So just try again later hopefully when the players are less.

Other than that if you face any errors or issues please post them on our forum




Let me know what you think about this Clash Royale private server with water arena in the comments section below. There are many more servers to come that i will be posting here so make sure you have liked my facebook page so you don’t miss any updates from me.



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