Angry Birds 2 is one of the most popular games out there for both Android and IOS devices, today I will show you how you can hack Angry Birds 2 to get unlimited gems in the game. This method works on Android devices only which has root access. You will also need game guardian APK which you can download it by clicking HERE

If you have game guardian then you can skip downloading it, with this hack you will be able to log in to Google Play and save your game also unlike the regular mod apks where you cannot log in to google play. You can download the original game from the Google Play Store because this would work on the original game which is not modded.


Also this method would work with Any Angry Birds game, so you can use it for any other Angry Birds game because these games stores values on your device and not servers that way you can mod the game using Game Guardian, any game that stores the values on your device can be hacked using Game Guardian, some server sided games can also be hacked but in those games you need to find the values that it stores on your device, for example, achievements can sometimes be hacked, if by completing an achievement you get 5 gems you can change it so that it can give you 500000 gems instead of 5 that way some games can be modded. Also, you can mod the values it requires to upgrade a character or you can change the value to open chests so that it would only cost 1 gem. In the video below I have demonstrated how to do that as well for any other game.


1) Game Guardian APK which you have downloaded from the link I gave above

2) Angry Birds Game you can download it from play store


Watch the video below to know how to do it. You only have to make a search for the DWORD for the number of gems you have and then replace the gems with the number you wish to have, so that way your gems will become unlimited if you set to 99999999.

This way you can easily mod the gems using game guardian, now you will have Unlimited Gems in Angry Birds 2, other values in the game can also be modded the same way. Share this post with your friends.


how to hack angry birds 2 with game guardian

how to hack angry birds 2 on android 2018


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