Clash Of Nyamuk Private Server APK - COC TH12


Clash Of Nyamuk is a Clash of Clans Private server where you will have all the resources unlimited with many more additional features. Such as unlimited building capacity, unlimited troop training and much more. You can even play in PVP mode and battle in the night village online.

The game has been updated to version 10.322 and Clash Of Nyamuk Private Server has all the latest features from the TH12, including the siege workshop, siege machine, electro dragon and ofcourse the TH12.


Private Servers are completely safe to play on and they are not related to supercell servers, you can have your original COC game and the private server installed at the same time with no problems.

Enjoy with unlimited gems in the game, you can speed up upgrades instantly and build your base to the MAX in an hour. Also, train a powerful Army and upgrade all your troops to the MAX.

Here are some in-game commands you can use. Just type them in the global chat.

  • /help = List available commands.
  • /cut = Clear all obstacles.
  • /easy = Get max base.
  • /id = Print account id.
  • /refill = Get max resources.
  • /suicidal = Attack yourself.
  • /tsarbomba = Remove all buildings.
  • /upgrade = Max all existing buildings.
  • /th level = Upgrade base to th level.
  • /fired = Clear troops and spells.

You can even attack your own base, in case you want to make YouTube videos.

Other than that the game is hosted on a powerful dedicated server, so you will not have any LAGS or disconnects. Also, your game will be saved in the cloud at all times.

Download Clash Of Nyamuk COC Private Server APK free today and experience COC with Unlimited Resources.

Mod Includes Everything Unlimited. All new features from TH12 are added.

Game Version: 10.322

PlayStore Link: NA

Credits: Clash Of Nyamuk

Installs: 100,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play


Clash Of Nyamuk Private Server APK


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