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Club Soccer Director 2019 MOD APK 2.0.25 Unlimited Money

Ever wanted to run and manage your own soccer team, if your answer is yes then Club Soccer Director 2019 Unlimited Money MOD is the game for you.

Now in the 2019 version, they have added more countries such as  Portugal, Holland, Turkey, Scotland, Argentina, Russia, USA, Brazil, and Mexico. Also, new leagues have been added in the game. The game is better than ever if you are looking for a full detailed soccer management game.


Choose from over 820 clubs and 38 leagues in 14 different countries, the game is huge and there are many football clubs. Train your team, create a good formation and buy and sell players to make the best team possible then go play matches to win trophies and cups.

The good thing I really like about the game is that the game has real-life outcomes just like you would if you were really running a club in real life, your decisions in the game will have different outcomes, with the team morale, fans, boards, Press ETC. Make sure you take correct decisions and be wise about what you say.

The graphics of the game are really good and the user experience is great. Even the controls of the game are good and easy. Make sure you pay attention to the tutorial so that you can get a good grasp on how to play the game properly.

Enjoy the Unlimited Money in this MOD version of Club Soccer Director 2019, you can buy whatever you want for free, those things which cost you money.

You will need Android version 4.4 or higher to run the game.

Mod Includes: Unlimited Money (Increase when spent)

Game Version: 2.0.25

PlayStore LinkClub Soccer Director 2019 - Soccer Club Management

Credits: NA

Installs: 50,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download Club Soccer Director 2019 APK MOD

Club Soccer Director 2019 APK MOD

Hello Soccer lovers, it’s time for all of you to gear up as the biggest release on the mobile gaming world of Soccer has been revealed to ooze you with excitement, thrill, and fun. It’s Club Soccer Director 2019 MOD developed by Go Play Games. This game is basically a sequel of the famous Club Soccer Director 2018, which has been a terrific success and has achieved a milestone record of more than three million downloads. It is also estimated that the game was having approximately sixty thousand daily active users. Guys, I can bet that you don’t need a 5D screen, but, only looking at your mobile screen, you will be blazed with excitement and drawn towards this simulated gaming environment.

Club Soccer Director is basically a soccer management game where your role would be of the Director of Football at an established football club or you need to create your own club! The simulated environment of the game will take you to the real world of Soccer. To level up your excitement, you will find that there are 38 leagues including multiple divisions from Spain, England, France, and Italy as well as global leagues from Holland, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Scotland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and the USA. The number of staff members as shown in the game is 10,000 from the top of the club to the bottom, which includes Managers, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists, and Overseas Scouts, everyone played a huge part in how players grow his or her club.

When I started playing the game, I was utterly surprised by the huge database of more than 30,000 Players with unique individual personalities and statistics. If you play this on a bigger iPhone, you will be gagged with the behind – the – scene environment which includes improved tactical set-ups from managers adapting to match day situations. One example can be the teams holding onto a slender lead will automatically shift to a more defensive formation to hold on for those three precious points.


The game simulated environment is so real that the Player has always an opportunity to drive the revenue with advertisement and sponsorships which would be placed inside the stadium, so you are more than a Football Manager in Club Soccer Director! This is exactly one can do in the real world. You always need to keep the Board members happy by continuously driving up revenues, hiring and firing staff,  keep on upgrading your stadium and all facilities, most importantly, build your dream team and lead your club to reach a level of an ultimate name, fame, and glory!

You are in charge of the day to day running of the club, managing the finances within budget, negotiating sponsorship deals, dealing with agents and offers from other managers and clubs, handling player and staff contract negotiations, developing the stadium and facilities, improving the training ground and academy, dealing with the press and supporters, and trying to hit the targets set by your ambitious board.

If you find the right manager and team and you keep them happy then results might go your way, if not what do you do? You need to sack the manager, otherwise,  start to interfere yourself with team decisions? All these are typical decision-making areas where you must establish your philosophy at the club to be successful. You are in charge to create your playing style, and then hire the staff and recruit players to fit in with the club philosophy.

As well as dealing with all the recruitment of players and staff you will also be responsible for the commercial aspects of the club and developing the club and its facilities. So are you ready for one of the most challenging jobs in football? Yes, I must say that the best ever Club Management game is Back with loads of attractive features and updates for the 2018/2019 season with addition to several new countries like,  Portugal, Holland, Turkey, Russia, Scotland, Argentina, USA, Brazil, and Mexico, so you get a whole bunch of new leagues added from these countries.

The manager now uses tactical gameplay to set up teams and adjust accordingly during the game like in real life along with match day improvements and commentary, so you can feel the real thrill and excitement. There are new match layouts and commentary which gives greater insights into matches and the performance of players and staff.


So, here it is, You are the Leader, The Boss, The Director and you are everything to run your own show, isn’t it something super cool and super exciting! If ever you have imagined to be the leader and face this kind of situation in real life, Come and start playing this game and enjoy the simulated environment which is real and lively, Happy Playing!


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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