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Darts Club MOD APK 2.5.0 - Unlimited GEMS

Darts Club MOD is an Android Arcade game by BoomBit Games. The game has just been released and it has already got over 100,000 downloads on the play store, if you are a fan of darts game then you will love this new Darts Club Unlimited Coins.

You will start off with a tutorial and play 3 matches first with the trainer, then you will face against other real players around the world. There are a variety of darts in the game that you can unlock and upgrade, you can gain more darts by opening chests using Gems or get Chests after winning matches. Also, you will earn free chests every now and then.


But I do not think you will need them as you will have Unlimited Gems and Coins in the game, you can directly open those premium chests and get all the rare items and upgrade them instantly.

It has a very user-friendly interface, if you have played games like Clash Royale then you will find the UI of this game very similar to it.

Complete achievements in the game to earn more rewards and play in different stages, you will earn trophies upon each win and lose if you lose and depending on how many trophies you have you be pushed to the next stage. The matching algorithm is based on the number of trophies that you have.

Other than that the graphics of the game are really good and the gameplay is also very smooth, the controls are simple you just swipe up in the screen in a different direction to throw the dart depending on where you want it to hit.

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Buy coins with gems
  • Unlimited Chests - Buy with gems
Game Version: 2.5.0
Last Updated: 23rd May 2019
PlayStore LinkDarts Club
Credits: NA
Installs: 100,000+
How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Donate $3 and get the download link. You will download the TXT file which will have the download link and some notes to read.

Download Darts Club APK MOD


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34 thoughts on “Darts Club MOD APK 2.5.0 - Unlimited GEMS | Coins | Chests

  • Hi Tomzpot. I play only this game so can you give me the link for crown chests, of course i pay you for this game. Thank you very much.

  • Reminder: (possible?) 🙂

    btw. bro, would be nice to hack a good online soccer manager….:-) would love it

    or a good race manager (online or offline like APEX Racing MANAGER), in past i could hack it thru lucky patcher,
    now they improved their security, can you do something? Here the link:

    Again thanks for all your awesome WORK! Love your site

  • Hi bro. I would immediately buy your mod for 5 euro, but i have a problem. I had a lot of currencies on older version (also downloaded from this site), but i could not save. It saves only thru Google and not thru fb. I tried and so i lost all my progresses, it doesnt save thru fb. Now i have an old Samsung s6 (rooted) so i tried there, in order to open many many chests and then load the game from my s8 and take backup from S6. But unfortunately it crashes on s6. It also crashes on bluestack and nox. So do you have an other idea how to save progresses? Its important to save progresses for me. I opend many many chests on s8, but now i lost all progresses. If you have an idea tell me in order that i can try and then buy your awesome mod.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey, bro, these mod apks do not let you sign in to google play because Google doesn’t allow it. Also, the way you can continue your game on mod apk is to just install the new mod over the previous version. maybe I will release an unsigned version of the game where you can install it on rooted device and then sign in to google play to save your game but just mod apk the only way to save is to use on a single device and keep overwriting over the previous mod once newer version comes out.

      • Ok understood, thanks for info bro. That’s why it kept crashing on s6, bcs apk was not unsigned? It’s Sad I lost savegame….. I was at a good point. Grrrrr 🙂 now Idk if I want to restart from zero. Btw. If I would buy you accept PayPal? And…. In the 5 euro are futures updates included or not? How is the ban risk? Thanks bro for answering. Giuli
        You can als send me an email you have my email address 🙂

        • noo, the unsigned apk just lets you install it on a rooted device and allows you to log in to google play, about the crash it could be that the game is not supported for that.i play and test all these games on s9plus. about the paid mod, I can’t receive any money through PayPal because of my country restrictions, so coffee is only the way, also about the ban it has very low risk but I cannot 100% be sure and also every other version that comes out will be $5 as these mods are very hard to make

          • ah ok…maybe my s6 is old and game isnt supported. how to buy a coffee for 5 bucks??? (which way?) lol
            email: [email protected]

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