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Desert storm: Zombie Survival MOD APK 1.2.0


Desert storm: Zombie Survival MOD is an ultimate Action-Packed Zombie survival game where you are in an unknown world captivated by Zombies. The game developed by developer Monica Wyatt with over 189 reviews and 10,000 + installs on Play Store.

In Desert storm: Zombie Survival Unlimited Money you find yourself in a desert era where sudden earthquake takes place destroying countries and killing all the inhabitants. Few survivals were left out, attacked by the Half – Dead Zombies.


The player faces challenging situations like hunger and thirst. There are sudden attacks by beasts and monsters. As a Player, You need to fight with all situations, kill the Zombies and Monsters, to survive in this Zombie Survival action-packed game.

The player has several options to survive, either by settling down in the oasis, build houses, grow vegetables to feed, raise monsters to defend Zombies, hoard resources or find allies in Desert storm: Zombie Survival APK MOD.

The player needs to construct weapons and armors to defend from foreign enemy attacks and Zombie attacks, discover new territory and unlock missions.

In order to increase the power, the player needs to grab spoils from the enemy territories in the Desert storm: Zombie Survival unlimited money.

The gameplay, sound, and graphics quality are stunning. Developer Monica Wyatt did terrific work in all these aspects with some high tech engineering. The game runs smoothly on all android devices and is an addiction to any gamer who loves playing Zombie games.

So, increase your power, get stronger and make weapons to equip yourself in order to fight with the deadly enemies.

I played the game for hours and got captivated with the gameplay and storyline of the game. Desert storm: Zombie Survival Latest Version APK MOD will give you an ultimate gaming experience on Mobile Devices like never before. So, get yourself prepared to know the unknown and see the Unseen!

Mod Includes:

1. Separation of things. Including individual items.
2. Craft and construction without resources.
3. Points are in the black.
4. All drawings are available immediately.
5. Coins in plus.
6. The power of weapons and equipment. (Full)
7. A quick trip on the map
8. Maximum health
9. First aid kits do not end
10. Motorbike at the start

Game Version: 1.2.0

PlayStore LinkDesert storm: Zombie Survival

Credits: N/A

Installs: 10,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play.

Download Desert storm: Zombie Survival MOD APK



Desert storm: Zombie Survival APK MOD

Desert storm: Zombie Survival APK MOD

Desert storm: Zombie Survival APK MOD


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