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HERETIC GODS FREE VIP MOD is an Android Action Role-Playing Game developed by Curacha Games. The game is still new and still rocking as personally, I loved this game when I played, it gives you the feeling of playing on PS4 or XBOX. HERETIC GODS MOD APK is all about fighting big monsters and mythical creatures and making your way through the scary dungeons.

HERETIC GODS HACK is set on the lands of the Viking Myths, you are going to enter a dark world, full of scary dungeons and monsters that will hunt you down at your every step, it is up to you to fight back and defeat them. There is a cursed abbey in Viking Myths, you will have to enter the depths of it to banish the heretical gods.


The controls of HERETIC GODS APK FREE SHOPPING are very simple and modern and works with almost all devices running Android 4.1 and higher, you will have a virtual crossbar on the left side of your screen with which you can move your character around and you will see some buttons on the right side of your screen each button has a purpose one is used for normal attacks and the others can be used to perform special attacks. Just press the button and your character will automatically target the closest enemy to you.

A uniqueness that makes it different from others is that the dungeons are randomly generated, meaning you will never play twice in the same scene. The levels may seem similar to each other but each level comes with a different variation to complete. The higher you go the deeper you will travel into more scarier dungeons deep in the darkness with powerful bosses and enemies.

It has countless objects and items in the game, the game has a lot of loot. You can find hundreds of items on the way such as helmets, gloves, armor, bows, shield, swords, rings, boots etc and when you are in the village you can either trade these items the inhabitants or craft your own new weapons.


Game Version: 1.08.21


Credits: NA

Installs: 100,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from the link below, install it and play

Download game data directly from the game



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