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Game Guardian Working Game List 2019

So you want to know the list of games that are hackable using Game Guardian? Well, you are in the right place because today I will share with you the Game Guardian working games. You can Mod these games easily.

Game Guardian is a popular Android Tool that you can use to modify game values such as coins, gems, lives, ammo etc. There are a lot of things that you can do with Game Guardian, you can even skip the time for faster harvesting, speed up building time and even Mod in such as way that you can open chests for free which can give you rewards.


The possibilities are endless and some online games are also hackable with Game Guardian.

There are also scripts that you can use with Game Guardian that are made by others to ease the process for you, you just have to download and execute the script and the mod will be working.

This is not ALL the list of games that are working with Game Guardian these are only the list of games that I personally had success modding it.

There are probably thousands of other Android Games that you can mode using Game Guardian but I cannot test all. I will keep updating this list with new games that work.

I love modding games using Game Guardian and in my free time that is all that I do, sometimes I have luck and sometimes nothing at all.


Not all games support Modding Gems and Coins in the game, in some games you can mod other stuff like changing the amount of gold you get after completing the achievement, change the required gems of opening chests, or change the number of gems required to buy coins.

It varies from games to games.

Game Guardian rarely work with online games as much of them are server sided, so modding currency in those games are impossible. Any game that stores data on the client side can be hackable using game guardian. Also, most of the offline games can easily be Modded with GG.

Enough with the talking let’s get to the point!

Game Guardian Working Games List 2019

Download Game Guardian APK 

Download Game Guardian Working Games List TEXT File.

Creative Destruction Game can be modded using GG script, check the blog post below for script and how to use it.

The game list contains more than 50+ Games that are working with Game Guardian, and also there are some video tutorials i have previously already made on how to mod some games using Game Guardian, so I have included the links to the videos next to the game, you can watch them.

These games will probably still be working even after a year, the good thing about Modding Games with Game Guardian is that you can update to the latest version directly from the Play Store unlike the Modded Versions of the game where you have until the game gets Modded Again.

With the original game, you can just go to the play store update the game and mod it again, also you can sign in to Google Play Games and save your progress without any hassle.

The other benefit of Modding using game guardian is that you can keep a low profile when modding, in many of the Modded version of the game you get banned easily but it is not the same with GG because you can only mod when you want and how much you want.


If there are new games that I find which are working with Game Guardian then I will update my TEXT file and let you know about it, for now, these are the ones that I can confirm are working.

As I said there are probably thousands of games that work but I have not tested all of them, pretty much any offline game can be Modded using Game Guardian.

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Happy Modding with Game Guardian, I will bring more games for you in the future.


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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