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Halls Of Madness MOD APK 0.666 - FULL APK

Halls Of Madness MOD is a new horror game and can easily be the best horror game of 2019. Since your mission was to invade an abadoned mansion to steal the loot, things go very wrong when you find out a deadly hunter is lurking around the mansion and lingering on the dark corridors, use the CCTV cameras to find out what is that and the mysteries behind it, solve puzzles and get out of the mansion alive. Do not get caught by the monster or else the game is over. The graphics and visual effects are very good, I suggest you play the game at night with your headphones on to really feel the intense and horror.

Mod Includes: FULL APK FREE & License check bypassed
Game Version: 0.666
Root Required? NO
PlayStore Link:
Last Updated: 11th April 2019
Credits: NA
How To Install - Download the apk, install it and play

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