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Survivors The Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)


Survivors The Quest MOD is developed by G5 Entertainment. It is the perfect display of RPG mechanics and has unique features. The game revolves around three characters in two distinctive domains.

The first domain is to keep in check the health of the survivors and the other is to get the activities done by them. Every character has their own needs which include hunger, stamina, comfort, and fun.


They drain over time and if they do work. You can also help the characters to build relationships with each other. This game is fun to play and is highly interactive with the player.

The player roams around and explores the environment. The player has to find clues about the island and collect things in the inventory. The objects that the player will save in the inventory will ultimately help them remove any kind of hindrance, open machines, fix circuits and etc.

The controls of the actions are very intuitive, so it is very easy to play. It is not hard to learn this game; many controls and actions are highly intuitive. Survivors The Quest has a very storyline and that is what is highly intriguing for people to buy this game.

The best part is that survivors are free to play and one can always purchase in-app features. To win this game you have to use the best tactics and methods to survive in a game with strange locales and dangerous creatures.

The balance between both domains is perfect and keeps a player captivated by every move and every level. This game differentiates itself from others due to many factors and is the best game to spend your time without getting bored.


  1. The game is absolutely free to play; only a few features can be bought from the in-app purchases.
  2. The game is highly interactive and features good graphics overall which makes the experience amazing.
  3. Google Play game services support Survivors. This adds to be a very good feature of the game.
  4. This game is totally addicting, with the suspense building at every level; players love this kind of suspense in any kind of game.
  5. Offers the best RPG mechanics to its players.
  6. The fun fusion and uniqueness of the game out weights every kind of downside to the game.
  7. This game is compatible with every kind of high-end smartphone and tablets.


  1. The game sometimes freezes the screen and can be a reason for frustration while playing this game.
  2. The game is very slow pace and can get boring if played for a long period of time.
  3. This game might ignore any kind of save you have done on it. This risks all the credit and things you have saved for further use.
  4. The mini-game is not the best choice for it. This issue should be addressed by the developers.
  5. The time is extremely short to complete the puzzles and it can be very challenging for the player over time.

Mod Includes: Your diamond will not decrease when you spend

Game Version1.12.900

PlayStore LinkSurvivors The Quest

Credits: NA

Installs: 1,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download Survivors The Quest APK MOD


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