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Taps to Riches MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.35


Taps to Riches MOD is developed by the Games Circus LLC who has also developed Coin Dozer and Brick Breaker Hero. Taps to Riches allows the player to develop their own empire city.

The player can unlock and hire people as advisors and bizbots that will help you to increase the value of your business. If you play this game cleverly you will be the billionaire business tycoon.


You can also build your empire in different cities and you will face different and unique challenges. With the best strategies, you will be able to win this game effortlessly.

You can hire as many advisors as you want and they will add value to your business. You can collect them all to ultimately win the games in the future.

You can earn good money by tapping on one of the bizbots, they help you to make progress whenever you feel like you are stuck in the game.

You can help upgrade your business by making different kinds of masterpieces of architecture.

This will upgrade you sooner rather than later. This game is very interesting and fun to play and is also easy. It is integrated with tap n click play mechanics.

The player starts from the bottom who is recently freed and has big dreams about his future. By using the right resources and tactics you can make your way forward.

On every step, Taps to Riches becomes very interesting and exciting making this game highly entertaining. Investing in different cities can help you win a lot of cash which you can use in buying new buildings and new advisors which will help you make your way up in the business world.

As many businesses as you have, the more money you will achieve through them.

Mod Includes: Unlimited Money

Game Version: 2.35

PlayStore LinkTaps to Riches

Credits: NA

Installs: 10,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download Taps to Riches APK MOD


  1. The game’s storyline is very engaging and it makes the player very interested in the game to play.
  2. The graphics on this game is of high quality which makes the whole experience of playing this game amazing.
  3. The game is absolutely free but also features in-app purchases to unlock premium features to win the game.
  4. This game is compatible with every device so that the player can play without any hassles.
  5. With every success in your business empire, you will be awarded in the game which will be very helpful in the future to win the game.


  1. The ads make it very annoying to play the game. They are always showing up on the screen.
  2. The player initially gets $6 to start his rags to riches story but it is very hard and it takes a lot of time to make your avatar win.
  3. The game is very repetitive which makes the game boring over time.
  4. The device keeps on freezing which makes it very hard to play the game.
  5. The bizbots can be very tentative and they can really get on your back.
  6. Their new create system is not as amazing as it should be.


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