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Vikings Gone Wild MOD APK - Unlimited Gold & Beer

Vikings Gone Wild MOD is a strategy game which follows the similar approach of other strategy games. In the start, you will have to build your village and construct some buildings.

The main components of the village are Townhall and your Townhall level determine the number of buildings you can unlock. Beer, Nectar, Gold, and Diamonds are the currency of the game, Gold & Beer can be collected by attacking the other players’ bases and diamond can be collected by achievements.


Besides these resources, you have the items and artifacts, items can help you upgrade your heroes and artifacts can help you in managing your village and fighting with other players. Graphics of the game is good and each character is well designed. There are two gaming mode, Adventures (Solo) and PVP mode.

In Adventure mode, you attack the different villages for beer and gold. Adventure Mode is the best way to learn how to use the troops without risking your resources.

In PVP mode, you attack other player’s bases to loot the resources. Viking Gone Wild also has unique heroes and each hero with unique abilities.

Heroes help your troops during the attack on other players’ bases. The game also has the guild wars which allow you to teaming up with other players and earn additional resources.

Overall the game offers the gaming experience similar to the clash of clans and other strategy games in Viking theme, so if you are a fan of Vikings then you should try this game.

Mod Includes:
  • You can collect many gold and beer every second
  • anti-ban
Game Version:
Root Required? NO
PlayStore Link:
Last Updated: 21st March 2019
Credits: NA
How To Install - Download the apk, install it and play

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