War of Gods MOD APK is a strategy Role-playing game developed & published by HRGAME. It is available on both Android& IOS. In War of Gods HACK APK, you will be leading your legions supervised by the ancients which can give you an edge in the battle and win you battle.

There is basically three type of troops: Infantry, Archers, and Cavalry. Infantry units have high health and great at tanking. Archers units have high intelligence and capable of hitting targets from the distance and Cavalry unit has great strength and they can hit the enemies very hard.


Ancients are the most powerful units on the battlefield and they are divided into 5 qualities: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron. Diamond is the best ancients which are followed by Gold then Silver then Bronze and Iron.

You can get the Ancients by participating in the Draws. Ancients units include the powerful characters of mythology like Thor, Odin, Zeus, and Monkey King Etc.

The graphics of the game are top notch, the environment has great attention to details and each character is designed to the perfection. In the game, you have the option to either progress with story mode and explore the beautiful world filled with God, heroes, and monsters or you can go with PVE or PVP mode.

In PVE mode, you can compete against the AI based opponent and you can compete against the other player in PVP mode. You will have to win the matches to get the resources to upgrade your army.

In WAR OF GODS DESTINED MOD APK, you will be immortal, the mod that has been added is GOD MODE, so you will never die no matter how many times your enemies beat you.

You can also join the Guilds in War of Gods MOD APK, where you can socialize with other players and team up to play against other guilds. With Splendid graphics, awesome gameplay and legendary characters War of Gods MOD APK offer great RPG gaming experience.


Mod Includes: GOD MODE (NEVER DIE)

Game Version: 1.2.1

PlayStore LinkWar of Gods: DESTINED APK

Credits: NA

Installs: 100,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from link below from link below, install it and play

Download game data directly from the game




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