WWE Immortals MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 2.6.3


Imagine what would happen if all your favorite WWE stars had supernatural powers and used them in the ring? Well, WWE Immortals MOD APK dared to answer that question in one of the best ways possible.

It is a fighting game classified as Action on the Google PlayStore. The fights can be played ranging from solo up to a team of three against the opposing team with the same number.


You fight either solo or in a team in a series of matches to climb the ladder and obtain the championship title.

WWE Immortals APK MOD is free to play and has a score of 4.4 out of 5 with over five million downloads. The game is developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

Fighting Mechanics

Immortals have taken inspiration from the developers of triple-A fighting games such as Mortal Kombat and Injustice, both having Warner Bros. as their publishers.

This inspiration shines with the moves and combos you are able to perform by using only mechanics such as tapping the screen, holding an area or swaying your finger across.

There are also special attacks that deal a lot of damage but have to be earned via a power-up, performing combos or by simply attacking.

Unique Looks

The graphics in this game has been worked on quite a lot. You can see the model of the WWE superstars and how they are an almost accurate representation in this game, aside from the superpowers of course.

That being said, the effects and detailing that has been dedicated to these special effects of the supernatural elements is remarkable, WWE Immortals MOD APK is very attractive on the eyes.

The Roster of Immortals

There is a massive roster of fighters to choose from and each has their own unique play style. You can customize them via cosmetics such as skins or with gameplay influencing parts such as moves, specials, and statistics etc.

WWE Immortal MOD has class-based fighters which are not so apparent to the players, it is best to have one character of each class so that you don’t run into trouble much further.

Online Gameplay

The fights can be played ranging from solo up to a team of three against the opposing team with the same number. WWE Immortals also supports online play, meaning you can play with your friends or any stranger from across the globe.

The matchmaking doesn’t take long and it is fairly standard in balancing the players according to their level.

Other than that there are also daily quests that make use of some co-op action. Not to mention, the worldwide events that the game updates itself with, each event being linked to the actual WWE.

Participating, making progress or winning in these can reward you with exclusive cosmetics such as skins or moves, only available for the duration of that specific event.

Mod Includes:

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Character Stamina

Game Version: 2.6.3

PlayStore LinkWWE Immortals

Credits: NA

Installs: 5,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Please download the correct files according to your device. If you don’t know which file to download then search for your device’s GPU on google and see whether it is running MALI, ADRENO OR PowerVR

Download Instructions

  1. Your downloads will be on douploads
  2. Once you are on the site verify the “I am not a robot” captcha
  3. Then uncheck the “Download our offers” below the green button that says “Create a download link”
  4. Then click on”Create a download link” you will go to another page
  5. Over there just click on “Download NOW” and your download will start.

Download WWE Immortals MOD APK (MALI)

WWE Immortals MOD OBB (MALI)

Download WWE Immortals MOD APK (Adreno)

WWE Immortals MOD OBB (Adreno)

Download WWE Immortals MOD APK (PowerVR)

WWE Immortals MOD OBB (PowerVR)



- The game has simple controls which makes it user-friendly, especially for new players. You can perform a lot of moves by only a few mechanics which makes it addicting to keep on playing.

-  The mini games within the main game also keep the user entertained and hooked. WWE Immortals has exotic cosmetics and skins that can be unlocked by playing these minigames. It gives easy access to players who don’t want to spend much.


- Combat gets boring after playing a WWE superstar for very long, there is not much diversity when it comes to the moves you can do and because of it being so simple, not much challenge.

- The minigames or challenges go out after some time. Now there are challenges you enjoy and some you dislike. So, you are forced to wait for a long time till that favorite challenge returns and are left with unfavorable ones for the time being.


WWE Immortals MOD APK is a must have game for anyone who is a big fan of both fighting games and wrestling. It is fun and unique outlook to see your favorite athletes compete in a world of superhero-based fantasy. In the end, the time spent playing this game does not feel wasted.


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