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Clash Of Clans Private Server For IOS 2018 - No Jailbreak

Many users have asked about a clash of clans private server that would work on IOS, but many solutions required your iDevice to be jailbroken, but today I have brought you guys a method that would not require your iPhone to be jailbroken and you would still be able to enjoy the Latest Clash Of Clans Private Server 10.134.11 with many mods.

You will need a working PC or Mac for this.




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About Clash Of Clans Private Server

The server is updated to the latest version which is the 10.134.11 with new Lunar Christmas update plus many more mods which I am going to be talking about below. Each time a newer version comes out I will be posting it over here so all you IOS fans can enjoy the private clash of clans server on your IOS device.

The server includes many custom mods such as custom-made buildings and troops, the best part is this version has Boom Beach buildings that you can use as defenses.

The private server is playable in both villages, Townhall and Builder base. Also, battles are against real players and the builder base has real-time battles just like the original COC. I know its hard to believe all this but trust me it’s true.


There are many commands in the game that can allow you to attack your own base, max resources and village buildings, create a base for you with the buildings you wish AKA YouTuber’s Server

Just type in /commands in the global chat to list all the available commands.


Now let’s get to the main part on how to install the server, (its very simple)

All download links will be provided below this installation guide

1) First, install “Cydia Impactor“, or on your Windows/Mac PC

2) Download create a folder and place it on your desktop and move the Cydia Impactor zip file into the folder

3) Extract it and run the “Impactor” file

4) Now connect your iPhone to the computer and the Cydia Impactor should detect your device.

5) Now download the clash of clans private server IPA and place it inside the same folder where you extracted Cydia Impactor

6) Now Drag the IPA to the Cydia Impactor and it will ask you for your Itunes email address and password, at this point I highly recommend you to create a new one at

7) Once you have your Apple ID and password, just enter it and it will install the IPA on your device. We are still not done.

8) Now go to settings on your iPhone and then General and Device Management, make sure you say you trust the iTunes email, that’s when you will be able to run the game

You are done! if you face any problem let me know in the comments below


CHANGELOG 17 July 2018

  • New Princess Added
  • Bug Fixes
  • Goku Added


Download Clash Of Clans Private Server 10.322.10 IOS



Copy the download link and paste it into your browser

Download Clash Of Clans Private Server IPA - NO JAILBREAK

Cydia impactor for Windows - Download Here

Cydia impactor for Mac - Download Here

Cydia impactor for Linux - 32Bit 

Cydia impactor for Linux - 64Bit




The private server may still not be very stable and will give you connection error from time to time so don’t worry and just close the app and try again later. The games are hosted on a managed dedicated server even though they are hosted on a powerful server or a virtual private network it can still give you errors if there are any misconfigurations.

If you receive any error just try again later.



I hope you enjoyed this full guide on how you can install clash of clans private server on iPhone without needing to jailbreak. This method really works and you will be amazed. Whenever a newer version comes out just come back here to check for updates, credits for this server goes to darksouls, a huge thanks to him for providing this server.


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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  • hey, the game is saying that there is an update and it redirects me to a particular site, but there is now “update” button….. when i click on “download” nothing happens…. please help me =)

  • I keep getting an error code, provision.cpp:81 ios/submitDevelopmentCSR = 7460
    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.

    • Try this

      Step 1: open Cydia Impactor

      Step 2: click Xcode

      Step 3: click Revoke Certificates

      Step 4: enter Apple ID, press OK

      Step 5: enter password, press OK

      now you’re done, you can now use that Apple ID to sideload and sign apps.

  • Hey,
    I wan’t a coc mod with growing spell
    Make sure it works no login failed or no connection error

  • Tom
    Here Joe again.
    It’s possible this IOS COC servers with jailbroken devices?
    Can you explain to me?

  • It’s clear.
    To enroll into Apple Developers I need 99€
    Then I give up.

  • Impactor shows an error. It ask me for a Apple Developer. Then I enroll in.
    It still don’t install the server. It shows me the same error.

    • what error does it show? make sure you open a new apple developer account, each account has a limit on how many times you can install an IPA file.

      • Error says: ” provision.cpp:81
        The network extensions feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program.”
        I get enrolled yesterday. It’s my first Ipa file.

        • Are you sure you are just dragging and dropping the IPA file into cydia impactor? try downloading the file again from here and then try to install it again, it could be because of the IPA file also

          • The same code error but other message.
            “you already have a current IOS development certificate or a pending certificate request”
            Maybe I only need for wait a couple of days
            I will try again. I will tell you.

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