Fortnite Battle Royale - Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

To be honest, winning at Fortnite Battle Royale is all about your gaming sense and skills. But you can increase your chances of winning if you lack in any of these two things by being clever.

You see, most of the time brain wins over muscles. And that’s what you need to do in Fortnite. You need to be smart and for that, you need to know some tips and tricks to help you win. So without further ado, let’s dive in:



1) Get A Gun:

As soon as you land on the map, your first task is to find a gun. Most players who die at the start usually get greedy and start looting chests and gathering resources. Don’t do that, you need a gun more than anything to be able to defend yourself as you will definitely face other players while looting stuff. So get a gun to make sure you can defend yourself while gathering resources or opening chests. The best way to find a gun is to land on the roofs of buildings as there are usually guns there.


2) Know Your Weapon:

There are 3 types of weapons in general, the short ranged, medium ranged and the long ranged. Some people are like John Wick and do great in short range combat. And some are like Deadshot and get kills in long-range combat. The point is that you need to try weapons of different ranges and figure out which type of weapon is working best for you. Use that weapon as your primary one.


3) Always Stay Alert:

You need to be sensitive to your surroundings to survive till the end. This is because you may never know who is watching/following you and may kill you upon getting a chance. Firstly, use headphones to hear even small noises that are either coming from a distance or from the footsteps of players nearby. Moreover, keep looking at your surroundings by constantly swiveling, this will help you lookout for incoming enemies.


4) Run To The Center Quickly:

Usually, people like to stay at the edge of the circle to make sure they are safe from behind. But, the problem arises when they are in the final area of a circle. This is because in that area, it is all about who has a greater defense and that is only possible if you already have a well-built defensive structure. But, if you arrive late in the final area of a circle, your opponent will be able to build the defense before you. And thus he will have an upper hand. So what you need to do is keep on moving until you are sure about the area where the circle is going to end and then quickly go there.


5) Play With Patience:

The key to victory in survival games is patience. You need to play more defensive than offensive. This is because there are 100 players on the map and if you engage with even 25% of them, you may die. So the key to winning here is patience. If you hear or see someone coming, hide somewhere and let them go ahead and then attack from behind to make sure you have the upper hand.




This is it, these tips are definitely going to help you in the long run. But let me be very clear, don’t expect these tips to get you a guaranteed win. You need to up your game by constantly practicing and then you will be able to increase your chances of winning with the help of these tactics.


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