Rocket Royale IOS HACK 1.3.9 - NO JAILBREAK


Rocket Royale: PvP Survival IOS HACK Unlimited Health by GameSpire Ltd. is currently a very rapidly growing game on the market. And open world RPG shooting game based on a 3D bit style graphic animations and huge maps to choose from to fight your battles.

Smooth gameplay with conversational cutscenes, unique fighting animations, and user-friendly controls make this game one of the best in the market.


The game is basically an epic multiplayer game with multiple online modes to choose from. The main fighting mode in Rocket Royale IOS HACK Unlimited BP No Jailbreak involves you as a soldier in the land who is trying to get away from all the killing and destruction going on.

Fight your way through your enemies and collect equipment and experience points to build a spaceship to escape from there and fly your way to freedom.

Explore the huge maps in Rocket Royale: PvP Survival IOS HACK MOD IPA and plan your attacks and tactics to lure the enemy and finish them off before they can kill you and prevent you from escaping, use traps and decoys to lead them the other way thinking you are hiding within certain buildings and place your players in position to kill on sight.

Other online players will also be looking for resources and you have to be there to prevent them from doing so.

Dead enemies will drop various items and resources they had been gathering for you to build upon your own resources and reach your goal quicker.

Keep upgrading your character as you progress as well because they harder you are to kill, the further the enemy will stay from you. Don’t forget to also upgrade your weapons to increase your firepower.

Rocket Royale IOS HACK LATEST VERSION is currently available in English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish and requires iOS 8.0 or later to play.

Download the game from the link below and start off on your adventure and find your way to freedom and show the enemy how to fear you.

Mod Includes:

- Unlimited Coins - Increase When Use
- Unlimited BP - Increase When Use

You can spend your money when your money enough, so play the game until your money enough to spend it!

Game Version: 1.3.9

Required IOS Version: 8.0+

AppStore LinkRocket Royale: PvP Survival

Credits: Danyal

Installs: NA


1) Please FOLLOW THIS GUIDE on how to install the IPA file using Cydia impactor, it is easy and does not need jailbreak

2) You might need to log in to IOSGODS when you launch the game.


Download Rocket Royale IOS HACK MOD IPA


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