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inkHart MOD APK 1.0 (MOD GOLD)


Friends, Hope you are doing great! Last week I was browsing over the play store and I came to a halt when I found a game named as inkHart. I recalled at once that this game is adapted from the feature film which is based on the best-selling novel by Cornelia Funke, named as inkHart MOD APK. This game can be considered as one of another example of Movies to Game adaption. In Play Store, the game is classified under Action Games and so far it managed to have Ten Thousand Downloads with over two thousand reviews, averaging 4.5 Star with regards to gameplay, graphics, and controls. This gives a clear idea that it’s a New Launch and slowly becoming popular, so let’s find out some interesting facts about this game.

The game, inkHart MOD APK UNLIMITED GOLD is basically the story of Meggie who is a pretty young girl and whose father has a special secret magical power through which he can bring the story characters from any storybook to life as he reads the story aloud. There is no doubt that it is a children fantasy game and the developer PureSky has done a decent job in the game development. The original movie has several youngster fans who would love to see and play this game, so this game would be an excellent adventure game for the youngster gamers.


To describe the game it begins with a book restorer named Mortimer Folchart, in short MO, seeking a rare tome called inkhart APK MOD, however when a mysterious man named as Dustfinger appears and calls him as Silvertongue, claiming that he wants to meet MO privately, Mo’s 12-year-old daughter Meggie gets curious to know about her father’s secret and the first part of the game is spent controlling Meggie as she attempts several times to learn more about this book and her father’s secrets, but it was unsuccessful.

Finally, the truth does come out, revealing that Mo has the unique ability to “read” people and objects from written stories into our own world, but, for the Folcharts, this skill comes with a very high price. In simple word, if MO calls something from the Book World to his real world, something must replace the character in the Book World or InkWorld.

The first victim of this exchange was MO’s Wife. MO also called a group of wicked villains from the book to destroy all copies of the book and use Silvertongue’s talent for their own destructive purposes. The ultimate goal of the game is to reunite the Folchart family and conquer the bad guys once and for all.

The game allows you to play different characters and this is probably the best feature of the game, I must say. Sometimes you need to control Meggie, Mo, and Dustfinger and sometimes you need to play the role of a boy named Farid, however, it occurs during minigames. There are five different types of minigames spread throughout MOD inkHart APK, but they represent only a tiny segment of the overall gameplay. Two of them take mere seconds to play and appear only once, while the stealth and maze challenges are a longer and will probably take some trial-and-error to succeed before the timer runs out.

The player spends a majority of their time wandering around different screens, looking at objects, talking to other characters, and solving the occasional inventory puzzle. Every location, whether the Folchart’s rural home, an Italian villa, or a stony mountain fortress, has screens to explore, and you need to pick a handful of items as these items are required to find a solution.

The controls on inkHart MOD INFINITE GOLD are very straightforward and functional and a single tap will either move the character or interact with an object or person automatically. It necessary to click on everything at least twice so that nothing important is missed out. The game controls have made easy access to the inventory on a screen of its own where the player can select an item for use just by click and drag on another object to combine with them.

One of the cool gameplay features is that the game can be played with the system turned sideways, held in your hand like a book, I must say that this feature makes it stand out in comparison with other handheld adventure games.

The right side of the touchscreen is the area where all the interaction takes place and the left side shows the inventory and character portraits.

I must say that the images very clearly depict similarity with the movie famous characters and stars like Brendan Fraser, Helen Mirren, and Paul Bettany and those who have seen the original movie will definitely find a sense of familiarity.

The game has a nice selection of orchestral music and sound effects sprinkled throughout, however, the only flaw I realized is the lack of voicework, as you feel like you are playing a dumb game and there are too many readings.

Overall, inkHart MOD is a breezy, enjoyable and adventure game recommended for children, particularly those who like to read and there is a thin piece of enjoyment in the gameplay!

Mod Includes: After each battle, you will get 50,000 gold.

Game Version: 1.0

PlayStore LinkinkHart

Credits: iAlex - EMT

Installs: 10,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download the OBB ZIP file and then extract it, now place the OBB folder inside the Android/Obb folder on your device then install the APK and play.

Download inkHart MOD APK

Download inkHart MOD OBB


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