How To Defend Against Wall Breakers - Clash Of Clans

Wall breakers are not physically strong but they have a huge impact on the game. In this article, I will focus on the defensive side and will share some tips which you can apply in your base to make it more anti Wall breakers.



Wall breaker have low HP and many players don’t rely on the wall breakers but most of the pro players use Wall breakers in their attacks as they can easily shatter the first line of defense i.e.

Walls with just a few hits. You can break the level 8 wall with just 1 maxed wall breakers, 2 wall breakers can destroy the level 9 wall. These little creatures are powerful so following are the best ways to stop them.


Use the false walls

How To Defend Against Wall Breakers - Clash Of Clans

You can use the multiple layers at the critical point to save your main defensive wall from wall breakers. Keep the walls at 1 tile distance from each other.

In this way you will be able to defend your main defensive wall, you can also place some regular bombs between the walls just as a precaution to defend your main defensive wall.


Use the Box Design

How To Defend Against Wall Breakers - Clash Of Clans

The box design is the perfect way to stop the opponent army from getting into your base. Box design also delays the movement of opponent troops and give the opportunity to your defenses to eliminate the enemy troops.


Use the regular Bombs

How To Defend Against Wall Breakers - Clash Of Clans

Regular bombs are most effective against Wall breakers and you can place them strategically to kill the wall breakers.

Maxed regular bomb is enough to kill wall breaker and as wall breakers are fast so place the bombs at one tile distance from walls so that bombs could kill the wall breakers before their bomb explodes.


Use the spring Trap

How To Defend Against Wall Breakers - Clash Of Clans

Spring Traps are very effective against both Wall breakers and Giants but can use spring traps against only one of them.

If your defense is strong then you should use it to counter the wall breakers, place the spring traps outside the walls to push the wall breakers.

If you have a weak defense then you should use spring traps to encounter giants and put spring traps inside the walls at those points where you think players will start their attack.


Keep outer wall circle in the range of defenses

Good players never place their buildings out of their defenses range so make sure to keep the outer circle of the wall in the range of your defenses like mortars.



Snipe Wall breakers with Fast defenses like archer tower and Cannons

How To Defend Against Wall Breakers - Clash Of Clans

Archer towers and cannons are the perfect way to stop the wall breakers unless your opponent uses the tank in front of wall breakers.

So my suggestion would be to secure your 2nd circle of walls with these defenses because it will enable these defenses to target the extra wall breakers as well as other enemy troops in the vicinity.

Exposing your main defenses to other troops just for wall breakers is not a good idea.



You can easily defend your walls from wall breakers using these strategies. Please share your thoughts about this guide in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more exciting posts and clash on!


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