Best Tips For Sudden Death Challenge In Clash Royale

Sudden Death challenge is here, and people are loving. Well if we go little back, when the 2v2 battles were back, one of the best things about the 2v2 battles was the sudden death phase where two teams try their best to destroy the one tower of opposite team to win the battles.


Supercell knows that the 2v2 battles are awesome and people are loving it.

That’s why the Supercell brings the sudden death challenge which shows that the people are loving the 2v2 battles. I will tell you the best tips for sudden death challenge and will also tell you how to win the sudden death challenge in Clash Royale.

Before we start with the tips, just for some motivation let me tell you about the rewards you get in sudden death challenge.



You will get the 1600 gold and 10 cards at 3 wins, 3800 gold and 165 cards at 7 wins, 5750 gold and 265 cards at 9 wins and 11,000 gold and 550 cards at 12 wins.

You also get the one-time rewards of 1500, 3000, 7500, 15000, 30000 Gold at 2, 5, 8, 10 and 12 winds respectively.


Now you know about the rewards, now it’s time to share some tips which can be very useful if you follow them.

1) In the Sudden death challenge, you can’t play regularly like a normal battle which means you can’t afford to give the room to your opponent for his play or give your one tower as bait.

So when you play the sudden death challenge make sure to counter each move by your opponent.


2) Never use the expensive deck. The expensive deck will cost you the match. Usually, many players use the golem or giant for their attack.

Now, this strategy works in your normal match but remember these troops are slow and your opponent can use the other cards which offer the same damage but in very short time so don’t use the expensive deck.


3) Don’t underestimate your opponent. Maybe your opponent is keeping the main card for his main attack so make sure to check all his cards before launching the main attack.

For example, maybe he has arrows, and you are planning to use the minions and skeletons for your main attack. So make sure to check his cards.

The best way is to use the minion army first just to check if he has the arrows or any counter card for your troops.


4) Always have at least one building in your deck, it can be inferno tower or Tombstone. As your opponent can use the Pekka or hog rider for his attack so you should have the building to counter it.

Just in case you don’t know the hog for the buildings so if you will place the building he will go for it first and you will get time to take care of him.



5) Don’t underestimate the spells, I have seen the top players who are using more than 1 spells in their deck for sudden death challenge. I would recommend you to use Freeze and Zap spell in your deck.

Freeze spell can help you to freeze the counter troops your opponent will use, and in the meantime, your troops will destroy the tower, and you will win the challenge.


6) Have cards to encounter the potential troops like Prince which can hurt your towers, so it’s good to have the bats or skeleton army to encounter them, you can use the freeze spell if your opponent is using multiple troops toward your tower otherwise save your freeze spell for your final assault.


7) Have more than 1 win condition. So make sure to have some troops like miner, hog, and graveyard which can help you win the sudden death challenge. These cards are very powerful if you use them with freeze and zap spell.


Now you know the basic tips which you should consider while building your deck now it’s time for strategy. Sudden death challenge is not a defensive challenge nor offensive challenge. It stands between the offensive and defensive, if you play defensively, you will lose, and if you play offensively, you will most probably lose.

For example, if you use all your cards one side, it is a possibility that your opponent will use the troops which can reach faster to your tower and destroy it as there will be no resistance.

The Best strategy I think is to wait for your opponent move. If your elixir bar is full use the regular troops to tickle your opponent. Now let’s consider the options your opponent can use.

He can go with the high power troops like giants etc. which can take hits but they are slow so you can take the opportunity and launch the attack on other side and play your final move.

Your troops will do the sizable damage to the tower, and you can use you win condition later to give the final blow. Now you can use the inferno tower to hold the attack from your opponent.

The 2nd condition is that your opponent can use the fast deck to launch his attack which you can take with your troops like dragon and skeleton army. In the meantime, you can use the goblin barrel with a freeze on another tower to give some damage.

Now your opponent will wait for few seconds, and this will give you a window of few seconds. Now in this condition, you will get the benefit of using a deck with low deck. In this window, you can use your main attack to destroy the window.




There are many combinations your opponent can use, but these are the strategies your opponents will most probably use because of the nature of the event. You can still encounter them if you use the basic tips while building your deck.

Do let me know what you think about these strategies and tips in the comment section.


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