Crush the Castle: Siege Master IOS HACK MOD IPA - No Jailbreak


Crush the castle: Siege Master IOS HACK MOD by Armor Games Inc has just been released. It’s a newly made projectile style game with high tech graphics and smooth gameplay guaranteed to keep users glued to their screens for hours.

The main concept of Crush the Castle: Siege Master is an angry birds style projectile destruction game, where the main objective in every level is to cause as much destruction to your opponent as possible. You will also be provided with many different minor objectives that will add up to your overall score that eventually gets uploaded to the internet for competing purposes with other players in the game.


Crush all foes including animated min skeletons, with their brittle defenses and stone towers. But the goal is not just to cause destruction.

You have to cause the most efficient destruction to earn more points. So just don’t fire away your ammunition. Think and plan like a real commander so you can win in as fewer chances as possible.

Every level has those unique features that you have to clearly study like wheeled towers that can be pushed back into other enemy towers. Just study your enemy and you’ll find Crush the castle: Siege Master way more interesting than it looks.

Crush the castle: Siege Master MOD IPA allows you to be the protector of your kingdom, entrusted by your king as the most powerful commander of the army, you have to do whatever it takes to defend your people. While your enemies come up with different tactics to try and bring down your castle defenses and destroy your realm, you will be attacking them while they march to the castle walls.

But they won’t find it easy, you will have an arsenal of various weapons and special tools to destroy them before they even come close to the castle’s defenses. And most of all, you have your best weapon, your powerful trebuchet, that can fire projectiles far away into the enemy’s territory to destroy their own defenses and weaken them so they don’t stand a chance.

Crush the castle: Siege Master HAC IOS MOD is currently available only in English and requires iOS 9.0 or later to play. So download now and become the most badass commander in the realm that all enemies fear.

Mod Includes:

- Infinite Shot
- Always 3 Stars
- Infinite Boosts
- Infinite Coin (Spend some - Untested)

Game Version: 1.0

AppStore LinkCrush the Castle: Siege Master

Credits: Laxus

Installs: NA


1) Please FOLLOW THIS GUIDE on how to install the IPA file using Cydia impactor, it is easy and does not need jailbreak

2) You might need to log in to IOSGODS when you launch the game.


Download Crush the Castle: Siege Master HACK IOS


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