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Master Royale Private Server 2019 APK

Master Royale is a modded Clash Royale private server with unlimited coins and gems that you can use within the game. You can play with other players who are playing on the same server as you.

The newer version comes with new modes like Friendly Battles, Draft Battles, Live Battles, 2v2 battles.


You can unlock tournaments once you reach level 8 and participate in them. None of the cards will be unlocked for you so you will have to open chests to get the cards that you need.

The server works just fine with the new update and you can join groups and perform friendly battles with your friends in the group.

The server also now have in-game commands that you can use, it’s the first clash royale private server to have in-game commands. Check out the commands below.


In-Game Commands

Copy/Write the commands in group chat or group search

master royale private server


  • / help - request for all available commands
  • / max - Maximizes all cards
  • / tourn - equate maps to test level
  • / reset - reset all by default



1) Download the APK from the link below

2) Install and enjoy

Master royale is not a stable server, it will take a lot of tries to make it work.

Download Master Royale APK


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  • fix master royale or give me link of another server with touchdown and working

  • give me cr server with touchdown link or else we all will know you have fake servers i want link

  • master royales touchdown is not working haha i know you dont have any server with touchdown you have make fake ones shame on you

  • Bro I can play for bmp like 10 minutes then it tells me the dam server full and the game kept stopping at 50% fix this plz

      • No, it’s still not working, still stuck at 50. I’m not trying to critique, but I would like to play.

  • I love you Tomz cus you upload a mediafire link not a uploadify one.

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    • Thank you 😀 ,you will always get mediafire links here

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