Clash Royale Touchdown Mode Best Tips & Tricks

Touchdown Mode is the new mode in the Clash Royale which is very different from the conventional modes in the Clash Royale.

If you want to learn more about this mode you can read the post on your website which explains all the rules in this mode.



In this Article, we will focus on the Best tips & Tricks which you can use to win the Touchdown mode.

Touchdown Mode is very different from other modes because in this mode you will have to control your enemy troops especially troops like hog riders, Lava Hound, Golem, and Giants. So here are the best Tips & Tricks which can help you win battles in Touchdown Mode.

1) As you know the touchdown mode, have the draft mode, where your opponent will choose the four cards for you, and you will choose the 4 cards for your opponent, now in drafting you to have to take your time, make sure not to give the strong troops and fast troops to your opponent.

Choosing the right troops are very important in this game mode, and basically, it’s all about choosing the right troops.


2) Keep in mind these cards during drafting, Elite Barbarians, Battle Ram, Lumberjack, Golem, Mega Knight, The Balloon and the Hog Rider.

These cards are the real winners in the touchdown mode. The real goal is to cross the line and these troops can help you to get the crowns.


3) Always have at least one building in your deck, building will keep the troops like Pekka and hog riders from crossing the line, now the placement of building is also very important.

Always keep the building near the quarter line of your side as it will take time to destroy the building, and you can place the troops to take out the hog rider or any other card.

If you place the building near your finish line, it will be useless as a card like a hog rider will only need one jump to cross the line, and you will lose.

Another placement technique is if troops are coming from the one line always place the building on the other line near to it as it will slow down to attacking troops but also delay when they switch the line to attack the building.


4) Crowd Control is crucial in this mode, and if you fail to control the troops of your opponent, you will lose the match so make sure to have the troops which clear the crowds.

The troops like Executioner, Princess, wizards, and bowlers are very good cards for the crowd control.



5) During the Drafting, if you come across these cards (Fireball, arrows and poisoning spell) pick them as they will support you in the long run.

For example, if you are using the giant your opponent can use the other troops especially skeleton army to stop the giant so you should have these cards to support your attack.


6) A Good Defense is the best Offense; this strategy is made for this mode, you will have to be fast and responsive to the attacks, defend the attack and launch the counter-attack with the remaining troops and get back to defense and repeat the cycle until you get the crown.

This strategy is best in all modes of the clash Royale but in touchdown mode, this strategy works, and it will get you results.



The Final Tip is to watch and learn, as I always say that you can learn a lot from watching, during the game always notice the placement of troops by your opponent and see which strategy he is using in the battle which is giving him edge over you.

There is no guarantee that you will never make a mistake but there is a guarantee that you will never repeat the same mistake if you could learn from it so make sure to learn from the mistakes in the battle and rectify them.

The only Experience will make you the best, and you will be able to win the Touchdown battles easily.

Please do let us know what strategy you use in the touchdown mode in the comment.


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